"     The JANUSBLOG hosts participatory discussion forums and advanced scholarly research tools, in order to promote the development of an interdiscipinary 'online community' of researchers in all of the various areas of  virtue research, defined broadly  to include philosophic and scientific concern with human character as reflected in thought and action.  The blog promotes multidisciplinary approaches to characterological discourse, and networking in order to facilitate a greater integration of empirical studies of human moral and epistemic agency with the normative or regulative concerns that description of credit or praiseworthy personal characteristic raises.

Janus, the dual-facing Roman deity, seems a fitting image for virtue theory, which displays both an empirical and a normative side or 'face,'  and is deeply concerned with reflective active human agents both in their intellectual and in their practical reasoning, in belief and in action, etc.   For the Romans, Janus is the god of new journeys and beginnings, who is hence also 'keeper of doorways.' JanusBlog is for philosophers to engage with social psychologists and to explore doorways such as those between ethical and intellectual virtue/vice, metaethics and applied ethics, reliability and  responsibility, ethics and/of belief, knowledge and action, philosophy and empirically-grounded social psychology, eastern, western, and comparative accounts of virtue and vice, and, of course, perhaps key to all doorways, naturalism and normativity. 

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Editorial Policy

There are three categories of participants on JanusBlog: the general public, Contributors, and Editors. Speaking for the Editors, it is our chore to post the original threads (new Posts) for discussion, though we can arrange for any participant to do so. Any member is welcome to Reply, that is, to comment, on any post. We indeed encourage with this site's central theme of "virtue theory" the synergies between those doing work in ethics, epistemology, action theory, and other philosophical subfields. We hope participants will make some of their research available online, in order to familiarize other participants of each others' work. For this purpose of enhancing cutting edge research in various areas related to virtue theory, we provide links to participants' research pages, and a Library of Papers & Drafts in which you can upload papers you would like to share with others.
Blogging provides a relatively informal and noncommittal venue for working out new arguments and ideas. It should not be assumed that the editors or other contributors assent to the views put forth in any discussion to which they have not directly contributed. Since authors put forth their contributions in an exploratory forum, as a way of trying out new ideas, the views expressed in any given post should not be assumed to be the author's "final word" on the topic. Accordingly, any citations of JanusBlog posts, unless there is direct e-mail correspondence with the post's author for permission, should reflect their provisional quality. The author of each post is solely responsible for its content. We will try to give each participant the editorial discretion to delete any comments from his or her own posts. All members should use discretionary language, and the editors reserve the right to delete inappropiate comments, and to take appropriate action to maintain our congenial atmosphere of dialogue.


From  OVID's  Metamorphoses

["But two-formed Janus what god shall I say you are,
Since Greece has no divinity to compare with you?"

Then suddenly, sacred and marvellous, Janus,
In two-headed form, showed his twin faces to my eyes...
He spoke these words to me from his forward looking face:
‘Learn, without fear, what you seek, poet who labours
Over the days, and remember my speech...
I’ve explained my meaning. Now learn the reason for my shape,
Though already you partially understand it.
For every doorway has two sides:  this way and that,
One facing the crowds, and the other the Lares:
And like your doorkeeper seated at the threshold,
Who watches who goes and out and who goes in,
So I the doorkeeper of the heavenly court,
Look both east and west at once!]