C. Recent Work in Applied Virtue Theory > New Routledge collection, "Knowledge, Virtue, and Action: Putting Epistemic Virtues to Work," Tim Henning and David P. Schweikard, editors (May, 2013)

Congrats to Tim Henning and David Schweikard, on this excellent new collection, now available from the Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy series.

This volume shares some of the motivations for the Working Virtue collection edited by Rebecca L. Walker, Philip J. Ivanhoe (, but comes from to direction of virtue epistemology rather than ethics. Between them there is now a quite substantial set of works on applied virtue theory for future reseachers to draw upon!

The Routledge site describes the volume like this:

This volume brings together recent work by leading and up-and-coming philosophers on the topic of virtue epistemology. The prospects of virtue-theoretic analyses of knowledge depend crucially on our ability to give some independent account of what epistemic virtues are and what they are for. The contributions here ask how epistemic virtues matter apart from any narrow concern with defining knowledge; they show how epistemic virtues figure in accounts of various aspects of our lives, with a special emphasis on our practical lives. In essence, the essays here put epistemic virtues to work.

1. Knowledge, Testimony, & Action John Greco
2. Deficient Testimonial Knowledge Jennifer Lackey
3. Responsibility and Others' Beliefs David P. Schweikard
4. Doubts About Philosophy? The Alleged Challenge from Disagreement Thomas Grundmann
5. The Cognitive Demands of Intellectual Virtue Jason Baehr
6. Epistemic Value and Virtues Frank Hofmann
7. Animal Versus Reflective Orders of Epistemic Competence Ernest Sosa
8. Curiosity and the Response-Dependent Special Value of Understanding Jonathan L. Kvanvig
9. Freedom of Mind, Self-Trust, and the Possession of Virtues Christopher Hookway
10. Knowledge, Abilities, and "because"-Clauses. A Critical Appraisal of Virtue-Theoretic Analyses of Knowledge Christian Nimtz
11. Robust Virtue Epistemology and Epistemic Dependence Jesper Kallestrup & Duncan Pritchard
12. Knowledge: Safe or Virtuous? Elke Brendel
13. Knowledge, Safety, and Practical Reasoning Tim Henning
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