C. Recent Work in Applied Virtue Theory > Audi on "Virtue Ethics as a Resource in Business"

Robert Audi's paper is published in Business Ethics Quarterly
Volume 22, Issue 2, April 2012.

Abstract. This paper provides an account of virtues as praiseworthy traits of character with a far-reaching capacity to influence conduct. Virtues supply their possessors both with good reasons that indicate, for diverse contexts, what sort of thing be done and with motivation to them. This motivational power of virtue is crucial for the question of what kind of person, or businessperson, one wants to be. The paper shows how the contrast between virtue ethics and rule ethics is often drawn too sharply and indicates how virtue theories can incorporate both theoretical and practical uses of rules. More generally, it shows how a virtue orientation affects attitudes in management practices and how an understanding of certain virtues can help in making better decisions, both ethically and in relation to success in business
October 7, 2012 | Registered CommenterGuy Axtell