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Franck Lihoreau has re-edited as a book the contributions to a Grazer Philosophische Studien ISSN 0165-9227, from a European conference by this title. The collection features articles on pragmatism and virtue theory, including Chris Hookway's "Questions, Epistemology, and Inquiries" pp. 1-21(21) and Claudine Tiercelin's " The Fixation of Knowledge and the Question-Answer Process of Inquiry"23-44(22). Pascal Engel's " In What Sense is Knowledge the Norm of Assertion? and "Duncan Pritchard's "Knowing the Answer, Understanding, and Epistemic Value" are also included in this very interesting volume.;jsessionid=3d1t44myjnlm.alexandra
June 30, 2009 | Registered CommenterGuy Axtell