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Here is a libre copy of a philosophy paper that will be of interest both to JBers and to participants of SERRC, the Social Epistemology Collective (which I will write about later). I haven't had a change to read it, but it looks like a good paper topic for the group!

For those who want to print or download it, and perhaps comment, its available open access at…/Epistemic_Normativity_and_Social…

Epistemic Normativity and Social Norms
by David Henderson and Peter Graham, in Epistemic Evaluations,
David Henderson & John Greco, eds., Oxford University Press, 2014.

Abstract. Social norms are a familiar feature of human life. Our normative evaluations of each other partly explain social behavior. Could epistemic evaluations be social norms? Could epistemic norms governing what we say, do and believe be social norms? This paper argues that they are, and that we should expect epistemic norms to arise as pro-social cooperative norms through a history of group selection.
July 16, 2015 | Registered CommenterGuy Axtell