D. Virtue East & West > Forthcoming Collection: Mi Chienkuo, M. Slote & E.Sosa (eds.), Moral and Intellectual Virtues in Western and Chinese Philosophy

Congrats to the editors and to Routledge on this fine new collection, sure to inspire further research into comparative VT.

Site Description. "This is the first book to bring together Western and Chinese perspectives on both moral and intellectual virtues. Editors Chienkuo Mi, Michael Slote, and Ernest Sosa have assembled some of the world’s leading epistemologists and ethicists—located in the U.S., Europe, and Asia—to explore in a global context what they are calling, "the virtue turn." The 15 chapters have never been published previously and by covering topics that bridge epistemology and moral philosophy suggest a widespread philosophical turn away from Kantian and Utilitarian issues and towards character- and agent-based concerns. A goal of this volume is to show students and researchers alike that the turn toward virtue underway in the Western tradition is being followed by a similar turn toward virtue in Chinese philosophy."
July 16, 2015 | Registered CommenterGuy Axtell