D. Virtue East & West > Lei Zhong on "A Confucian Virtue Theory of Supererogation"

Lei Zhong has a forthcoming paper that utilizes Confucian resources to answer a problem in virtue ethics, the supererogation problem. "Confucian Virtue Theory of Supererogation. Philosophy East and West 66".

Abstract. Contemporary virtue ethicists have attempted to offer a virtue-based account of right action. However, such an account is faced by a daunting challenge, the ‘supererogation problem’ as I call it. Since what a virtuous person would characteristically do is often beyond the scope of moral duty, virtue ethics seems to have difficulty in accommodating the distinction between obligation and supererogation. In the paper, I aim to meet this challenge by recommending a Confucian virtue theory of supererogation.
July 16, 2015 | Registered CommenterGuy Axtell