E. Education; Philosophy of Deliberative Democracy > M.A. Griffin's "Motivating Reflective Citizens: Deliberative Democracy and the Internal Deliberative Virtues"

M.A. Griffin's paper, now available online, on Springerlink does an excellent job of canvassing the ground of the debate over the substance and value of the deliberative virtues, as well as contributing to that discussion.

Excerpt: "Deliberative democracy involves the consideration and justification of the various reasons on which we base political decisions. It is a political framework by which citizens can discuss their beliefs and values and through deliberation find common ground on the important issues which they face as a community. Motivating citizens to reason deliberatively is, therefore, extremely important. Unless citizens want to engage with ideas and beliefs, and to use their cognitive skills wisely, there is little
chance of this model of politics succeeding. In order to encourage engagement ofthis kind, deliberative democracy relies upon several virtues to encourage and guide the involvement of citizens."
August 24, 2011 | Registered CommenterGuy Axtell
Check out James Fishkin's short video lecture at Stanford University's *Center for Deliberative Democracy* entitled "Deliberative Democracy and the Virtues of Democratic Citizenship."
September 2, 2011 | Registered CommenterGuy Axtell