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Congrats to Routledge and Lorraine Besser-Jones, Michael Slote on this very solid new volume.

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Virtue ethics is on the move both in Anglo-American philosophy and in the rest of the world. This volume uniquely emphasizes non-Western varieties of virtue ethics at the same time that it includes work in the many different fields or areas of philosophy where virtue ethics has recently spread its wings. Just as significantly, several chapters make comparisons between virtue ethics and other ways of approaching ethics or political philosophy or show how virtue ethics can be applied to "real world" problems.

Introduction Lorraine Besser-Jones and Michael Slote
I. History of Virtue Ethics
1. Plato and the Ethics of Virtue Nicholas White
2. Aristotle's Virtue Ethics Dorothea Frede
3.The Stoic Theory of Virtue Tad Brennan
4. Hindu Virtue Ethics Roy W. Perrett and Glen Pettigrove
5. Why Confucius’ Ethics is a Virtue Ethics May Sim
6.Mencius’ Virtue Ethics meets the Moral Foundations Theory: A Comparison Shirong Luo
7. Virtue in Buddhist Ethical Traditions Charles Goodman
7. Respect for Differences: The Daoist Virtue Yong Huang
8. Xunzi and Virtue Ethics Eric L. Hutton
9. Consecrated Virtue: Augustine’s Theological Animus James Wetzel
10. Aquinas: Infused Virtues Andrew Pinsent
11.Hume Jacqueline Taylor
12. Nietzsche and the Virtues Edward Harcourt

II. Contemporary Approaches
13.Eudaimonistic Virtue Ethics Liezl van Zyl
14.Sentimentalist Virtue Ethics Michael L. Frazer and Michael Slote
15. Pluralistic Virtue Ethics Christine Swanton
16. Varieties of Contemporary Christian Virtue Ethics Jennifer A. Herdt
17. Contemporary Confucianism David Elstein
18. Virtue Epistemology and Virtue Ethics Heather Battaly and Michael Slote
19. Feminist Virtue Ethics Karen Stohr
20. Agape and Virtue Ethics Timothy P. Jackson

III. Critical Interactions
21. Kant and Virtue Ethics Allen Wood
22.Consequentialist Critique of Virtue Ethics Julia Driver
23. Virtue Ethics and Right Action: A Critique Ramon Das
24.Virtue Ethics and Egoism Christopher Toner
25.Models of Virtue Nancy E. Snow
26.The Situationist Critique Lorraine Besser-Jones
27.Testing the Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis against Egoistic Alternatives C. Daniel Batson
28. Care-Ethics and Virtue Ethics Nel Noddings
29.Roles and Virtues J. L. A. Garcia

IV. Applications of Virtue Ethics
30.Environmental Virtue Ethics Philip Cafaro
31. World Virtue Ethics Stephen C. Angle
32.Virtue Ethics and Moral Education Randall Curren
33. Virtue Ethics as Political Philosophy: The Structure of Ethical Theory in Early Chinese Philosophy Yang Xiao
34. Law and Virtue Lawrence Solum
35.Virtue Ethics and Medicine Rebecca L. Walker
36.Business Ethics from a Virtue-Theoretic Perspective Robert Audi
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