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Here is a major new collection soon forthcoming with over 40 chapters by experts in their areas! Order it for your school libraries, or for yourself.
ISBN: 184465639XISBN-13: 9781844656394Publication Date: 26 Dec 2013

Virtue ethics has emerged as a distinct field within moral theory – whether as an alternative account of right action or as a conception of normativity which departs entirely from the obligatoriness of morality – and has proved itself invaluable to many aspects of contemporary applied ethics. Virtue ethics now flourishes in philosophy, sociology and theology and its applications extend to law, politics and bioethics. The Handbook of Virtue Ethics brings together leading international scholars to provide an overview of the field. Each chapter summarizes and assesses the most important work on a particular topic and sets this work in the context of historical developments. Taking a global approach by embracing a variety of major cultural traditions along with the Western, the Handbook maps the emergence of virtue ethics and provides a framework for future developments.

Part I: Normative Theory
1. Virtue and eudaimonia, Anne Baril
2. Stoic virtue ethics, Matthew Sharpe
3. Naturalistic virtue ethics, Richard Hamilton
4. Virtue ethics and utilitarianism, Justin Oakley
5. Virtue and morality, Nicole Saunders
6. Does virtue ethics need rules? Timothy Chappell
7. Sentimentalist virtue ethics, Michael Slote
8. Virtue ethics and moral theology, Glen Pettigrove
9. Right action and target-centered virtue ethics, Liezl Van Zyl
10. Qualified agent virtue ethics and the problems of right action, Jason Kawall
11. Neither realism nor relativism, Yuval Eylon
12. Nietzsche’s virtue ethics, Christine Swanton
13. Virtue, identity and egoism, Stan van Hooft
14. Intellectual virtues, Heather Battaly
15. Virtue, reason and wisdom, Lorraine Code
Part II: Some Virtues
16. Which virtue are there? Candace Upton
17. Detachment (and Other Buddhist virtues), Leesa Davis
18. Integrity, Michael Levine, Damian Cox and Marguerite La Caze
19. The ends of courage, Patrick Shade
20. Wit, Raja Halwani and Elliot Layda
21. Sympathy, Nancy Eisenberg
22. Humility, Kantian style, Jeanine Grenberg
23. Love, sex and relationships, Mike W. Martin
24. Forgivingness, David McNaughton and Eve Garrard
25. The virtue of justice revisited, Mark LeBar
26. African morality and virtue ethics, Thaddeus Metz
27. Classical Confucianism and virtue ethics, Hui-chieh
28. Of ethics and the limits of virtue in classical Indian morality, Purushottama Bilimoria
Part III: Applied Ethics
29. Virtue in the clinic, Matthew McCabe
30. Virtues in management, Wim Vandekerckhove
31. Virtuous leadership: ethical and effective, Paul Kaak and David Weeks
32. Military ethics, Peter Olsthoorn
33. Virtue in sport, Mike McNamee
34. Key virtues of the psychotherapist: a eudaimonistic view, Blaine J. Fowers and Emily Winakur
35. Environmental ethics, Guo Hui
Part IV: The Psychology of Virtue
36. The problem of character, Christian B. Miller
37. The situationist critique of character: new directions, Nancy Snow
38. Constancy, fidelity and integrity, Clea F. Rees and Jonathan Webber
39. Unstable virtues and love, Pedro Tabensky
40. Educating for virtue, Nafsika Athanasouli
41. Literature, the arts and the education of virtuous emotion, David Carr

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