B. Virtue Ethics > New: The Cambridge Companion to Virtue Ethics (Daniel C. Russell, ed., CUP 2013)

Daniel Russell has edited a fine new CUP companion to virtue ethics.

Introduction: virtue ethics in modern moral philosophy, Daniel C. Russell 1

1 Virtue ethics, happiness, and the good life, Daniel C. Russell 7

2 Ancient virtue ethics: an overview with an emphasis on practical wisdom, Rachana Kamtekar 29

3 Virtue ethics and the Chinese Confucian tradition, Philip J. Ivanhoe 49

4 Virtue ethics in the medieval period, Jean Porter 70

5 Hume's anatomy of virtue, Paul Russell 92

6 The historic decline of virtue ethics, Dorothea Frede 124

7 Virtue ethics in the twentieth century, Timothy Chappell 149

8 Virtue ethics and right action, Liezl van Zyl 172

9 Virtue ethics and bioethics, Justin Oakley 197

10 Environmental virtue ethics: what it is and what it needs to be
Matt Zwolinski and David Schmidtz 221

11 The virtue approach to business ethics, Edwin Hartman 240

12 Virtue and politics, Mark LeBar 265

13 The situationist critique of virtue ethics, Gopal Sreenivasan 290

14 The definition of virtue ethics, Christine Swanton 315

Paperback (ISBN-13: 9780521171748)
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