A. Virtue Epistemology > Gwen Bradford on Knowledge, Achievement, and Manifestation. .

The problems for VE sure seem to be piling up in recent posts! Gwen Bradford has a challenge but also a solution in the interesting 2015 paper, Erkenntnis 80 (1):97-116.

Abstract. Virtue Epistemology appealingly characterizes knowledge as a kind of achievement, attributable to the exercise of cognitive virtues. But a more thorough understanding of the nature and value of achievements more broadly casts doubt on the view. In particular, it is argued that virtue epistemology’s answer to the Meno question is not as impressive as it purports to be, and that the favored analysis of ability is both problematic and irrelevant. However, considerations about achievements illuminate the best direction for the development of virtue epistemology. The key, it is argued, is developing the notion of manifestation as the distinguishing feature of both knowledge and achievements.
July 16, 2015 | Registered CommenterGuy Axtell