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Christian Piller (2015) offers a new challenge to VE over its understanding and treatment of Gettier cases. Practical Philosophy and the Gettier Problem: Is Virtue Epistemology on the Right Track? Philosophical Studies 172 (1):73-91.

Abstract. One of the guiding ideas of virtue epistemology is to look at epistemological issue through the lens of practical philosophy. The Gettier Problem is a case in point. Virtue epistemologists, like Sosa and Greco, see the shortcoming in a Gettier scenario as a shortcoming from which performances in general can suffer. In this paper I raise some doubts about the success of this project. Looking more closely at practical philosophy, will, I argue, show that virtue (...) misconceives the significance of Gettier structures in the practical domain.
July 16, 2015 | Registered CommenterGuy Axtell