A. Virtue Epistemology > Lani Watson of "What is Inquisitiveness?"

Here is a draft of penultimate version of a paper forthcoming in APQ.


The virtue epistemology movement, as it was first conceived in the mid-1980s, offers a novel approach to addressing the traditional problems of analytic epistemology. By focusing on the role of the intellectual virtues and modelling itself on the domain of virtue ethics, virtue epistemology has uncovered fertile ground for the fresh analysis of key epistemic states such as justification and knowledge. More recently, however, there has been a move to establish virtue epistemology as an independent or autonomous area of epistemological inquiry (e.g. Roberts and Wood 2007; Baehr 2011). With this orientation the movement can be viewed as a departure from traditional epistemology and as such, a new epistemological project has emerged consisting in the characterisation of the individual intellectual virtues. This paper will contribute to that project by offering a characterisation of the intellectual virtue of inquisitiveness

April 17, 2015 | Registered CommenterGuy Axtell